Forcing a new line on a bash prompt based on last command2018-05-08
I can't believe it's taken this long to work this out.
Batch File Filtering2017-05-01
Yeah, it's been a long time again. I'm still working on a secret project which is the primary reason I've not updated this site.
Repo Update2016-07-06
I'm finally getting round to updating my openrepos repos, starting with the latest version of Bash (4.3.46).
I am alive...
SPDY is now enabled on the site, though I can't imagine there's going to be much of a performance difference.
IPv6 enabled2015-06-03
IPv6 has now been enabled on my VPS and I've set up the site to run off it.
Website Overhaul2015-05-14
As you may be able to tell, the site has changed yet again.
Evolution of FizzBuzz2015-05-08
I know I've not posted for some time now and I have a few things I want to post about, but can't quite just yet (as they aren't finished).
A New Year, Not Much Else2015-01-27
Not a lot to talk about right now -- I realise that I've not had anything to talk about since the end of October last year, but I've just been super lazy with extra work.
More Nginx with SSL2014-10-22
After POODLE and Shellshock, I've revisited my SSL configuration. Made several tweaks and have improved the overal rating (as well as patching against protocol downgrade attacks).
Bashlib 1-6-0 is now live2014-09-15
It's now here! 1.6.0 has been released into the wild. You can pick it up from the home page as normal.
The Big Reveal2014-09-08
So it's pretty obvious from my last post that I'm working on a pesudo class module for bashlib.
Something Something Darkly2014-09-05
So I've been working on a little secret project for a new module as part of bashlib (I know, I know). Something I can only find a very small handful of people trying it (because why would you, I guess).
The Little Things2014-09-03
I have to be honest; this blew my mind. I should really pay more attention to the built in release notes as this makes several (in comparision) convoluted functions useless.
Bash Strings2014-09-01
My bashlib project was supposed to be pretty much complete, but I've come back to it recently.
N900 FM Transmitter Script Update and Projects Compiled2014-07-15
I've managed to get a few of my C projects compiled on the N900 which is pretty neat; you'll need to download the binaries to your desktop or something first. The N900 Busybox built in wget version doesn't support SSL:...
N900 - How to Set it up in 2014 plus an all in one FM Transmitter script2014-07-09
Is the N900 still relevant today? Maybe; maybe not. But other than the K750i (of which I've gone through 3 or 4 in a 5 year period; due to theft and dropping it in really bad places like the toilet), it's my most memorable phone.
New Projects2014-06-06
I've been doing quite a lot of behind the scenes stuff at work recently, but I've also had a bit of time to do some more C coding.
SSL Security and Nginx2014-05-02
edit (2014-06-01): I've now changed the cipher suite and protocol support to this:...
Final Site Changes2014-04-25
Okay, so hopefully this is the last of the site changes.
Major bashlib Updates2014-04-02
I've made a significant number of changes to bashlib today, which felt right as it's now 1 year old!
Viewing Resource Usage in Bash2014-03-31
So I stumbled across some fairly useful commands recently and decided to expand things out a bit.
Web Fonts2014-03-24
Just updated the fonts on the site to use proper Open Source fonts and not depend on Google.
Responsive Modifications2014-03-11
The layout is now "responsive", so it looks fairly decent on small device screens now. Only issue left is the social media icons are still the same size, but I'll sort that out at some point.
Hello New Server2014-03-03
Finally, the new server and site are live!
Server Change2014-02-27
So, as well as switching over to Nginx (which is still in the process of happening), I will also be moving server.
Nginx Server2014-02-03
Been quiet recently, mainly because I've been doing a load of odds and sods.
Cede A C Line Based Text Editor2013-12-10
Okay, so this is a really long overdue update -- I've been getting worse at doing them. I've just been really busy over the last few months.
Bash Game Programming2013-10-17
*I meant to publish this a few weeks ago, but I was unfortunately busy.*...
Reading Checking And Changing Permissions With Bash2013-09-04
Just a quick update this time; I was looking for a way to check the permissions of a file are that which is expected, which is actually really easy to do (if you have stat).
Bash Loading Bar2013-08-22
Another round of more fancy Bash graphics. This time a loading bar.
Github Changes2013-08-07
I've decided to discontinue audiabus for now -- I lost momentum with it and it's ended up getting stale.
Bash Timer2013-07-30
More bash functions today -- this time, a timer (using 1/10th of a second per tick):...
Bash Spinner2013-07-18
Just a quick post to say, I've added a nifty spinner to bashlib.
Basic Ipmi Tools2013-07-16
So I'd been working on getting some IPMI tool intergration with a basic web interface and the easiest way to achieve that was to use a shell script that the PHP script would call.
Bash Menu Function2013-07-16
(Don't forget to check out my previous post today [which this has overshadowed] regarding IPMI @@; basic-ipmi-tools; over here; @@)...
Kerbal Space Program Fixes2013-07-12
I've been playing a *lot* of Kerbal Space Program recently and with that comes the temptation to use mods. KSP is one of those games where there is a mod for almost everything -- kind of like how the TES games get a constant stream of mods, except more sciency.
Quick Git Update2013-07-05
Just a quick update to say, I've removed a couple of repos on my github page -- my dotfiles were next to useless as I have such a minimal setup, and also ashlib was removed and the IP routing code was shifted over to bashlib.
Read Config File And Interpret Variables In Bash2013-07-04
Just a quick update to bashlib I made -- this was based in my audiabus code for pulling configuration data (which was then adapated again to work on my IPMI code):...
Another Change To Serenity2013-07-01
So I made another big change to Serenity last week (only just got around to rolling it out here), this time focusing on the structure.
Major Change To Serenity2013-05-21
So I finnally reworked the date scheme of how Serenity works and I've moved away from using file modified time to a fixed text time.
Another Site Update2013-05-20
So I broke the dates of posts... Whoops.
Site Outage2013-05-15
So I accidentally the whole server on Monday.
Dd Wrt Ip Routing2013-05-13
I have a Linksys router and, naturally, I've got custom firmware on it.
Portal And Left 4 Dead Linux Ports2013-05-07
I'm getting worse at keeping posts up to date with my video releases -- I'm getting a bit wrapped up in getting the videos out.
Exim Log Scanner2013-04-22
Just a quick script that scans the Exim mainlog looking for blacklist replies.
Half Life Series Finishes2013-04-08
I haven't posted an update for a little while now, but I have still been making videos!
Website Updates2013-03-31
So you've probably already seen that the website looks a bit different to how it did a week ago.
Kerbal Space Program2013-03-22
Just tried out this newly ported Indie game still in development; it's a kind of space simulator that doesn't over emphasis the simulation though, but it doesn't feel arcadey (which is awesome!).
Half Life Play Through Ends2013-03-19
The final two parts of my Half-life play through are now out -- I meant to make this post earlier, but...
Source Engine Ports Continue2013-03-15
Just a quick post to show two new Source engine games running on Linux, Day of Defeat: Source and Half-life 2: Deathmatch are both running really well!
Legends Of Aethereus On Linux2013-03-14
I wanted to make this post earlier, but I never got round to it unfortunately.
Linux Gaming Videos Marathon2013-03-07
Okay, so you may be wondering why I haven't made a post, but I've added a crap tonne of linux gaming videos (you can see the latest three with my shiny new Youtube widget on the right).
Wargame European Escalation On Linux2013-02-27
Wargame: European Escalation is a game I brought some time ago through Steam -- I remember installing it and playing it through Wine for about an hour. Unfortunately, that was all that happened with it for me for a very long time. It's a difficult game to get into and the difficulty is pretty steep and at the ...
I'm going to be taking the site down for some maintenance at approximately 23:00 (GMT) tonight.
Half Life On Linux Continues2013-02-17
My Half Life series is still going and I'm making good progress with it. Episode 6 is an extra long episode, mainly because I couldn't find a decent time to cut it down and the level "Power Up" is really short but then "On a Rail" is really long. I just decided to end it at the start of a quieter part of "On a ...
Dead Space Running On Linux2013-02-15
Dead Space is a game that I've pretty much ignored since it came out -- I played maybe 10 minutes of it before a few days ago. However, after trying to find some decent games that are pretty much guaranteed to work in Wine, I found Dead Space -- I decided that since I already had Wine set up to run Skyrim / ...
Whmcs Ssl Renewal Reminder Script2013-02-13
Okay, so this post is going to be a bit more technical than my recent posts and it's also going to be pretty long. If you aren't interested in serious server scripting, then just hang on for another game related update (likely tomorrow)! Hopefully though, this will help others in a similar situation, or ...
Rochard On Linux2013-02-10
I decided to release a few linux videos today, namely a quick play through the first few levels of Rochard:...
Counter Strike Source On Linux Plus More Half Life2013-02-08
Valve have officially pushed the Counter Strike Source game onto Linux, as the CDR suggests:
Lots Of New Linux Game Videos2013-02-05
Over the weekend I've been busy getting a few game videos done and I was pretty successful to that end. I didn't really want to just release them on YouTube without some kind of accompanying entry here, but I didn't really feel they were individually enough to warrant a separate entry each.
Lets Play Half Life2013-02-01
So a few days ago Valve released Half-Life 1 (the original and best! Not the source ported version) on to the Steam Linux BETA. Being a *massive* fan of the series from the get go (I was gifted a boxed version of Half-Life in 1999) I just had to try it out.
New Video Recording Tools2013-01-27
So, I'm pretty much sick of how recordmydesktop can't keep up with games - especially 3D intensive games - at a higher FPS than 15 and using some form of FPS lock on the game itself.
A new game I discovered that has a parallel Linux release is "Starsector" formerly know as "Starfarer" in it, you take on the role of a fleet commander flying the space lanes and shooting things.
Mysql Restore Scripts For Cpanel Backups2013-01-25
Okay, so I had to do some serious hacking of code a few weeks ago, when innoDB messed up big time.
Teleglitch And Site Updates2013-01-24
Okay, so despite what I said before, I haven't posted an update for a while...
Legend Of Grimrock Part 32013-01-15
I've just released part 3 of my Grimrock play through - this is the last of pre recorded updates as work *should* be calming down now I can get on and do some more stuff! (I have quite a lot of new games that I want to show off).
Legend Of Grimrock Part 22013-01-06
I've just released the second part of the Let's Play series!
Legend Of Grimrock2013-01-02
So I might have removed my Wine folder including STALKER which means that I wont be doing another Let's Play on it any time soon - however, with the new Humble Indie Bundle , I don't really mind because a brand new Linux game came out; Legend of Grimrock.
Happy New Year2013-01-01
I've revamped my previous holiday script!
Mcdroid Beta2012-12-28
I've been playing a fair amount of games recently and this new one is pretty awesome!
Is It Christmas2012-12-25
Yes, of course it is!
Stalker Call Of Pripyat Part 22012-12-11
New video of my Call of Pripyat, “let's play” series.
Serious Sam Bge Native Linux Port2012-12-10
I've been messing around a lot with the native Steam client and one of the early BETA games was Serious Sam BFE.
Stalker Call Of Pripyat2012-12-08
So I've finally been able to record a proper length of time playing a game and I'm starting a new “Let's Play” series on the game “STALKER – Call of Pripyat”.
I feel like such an idiot...
Kingdoms Of Amalur On Linux2012-11-27
So I totally forgot to mention the video I made of KoA:R working finally in Wine 1.5.6 - well, here it is (at last).
Ngte Pyestock Exploration2012-11-26
To move away from the normal posts today - I want to talk about doing a bit of “urban exploring” (aka. running around abandoned sites taking photos).
Steam Linux Client2012-11-14
The Steam Linux BETA came out a few days ago and, like a lot of people (some 59,000 of them), I didn't get in. I was very much willing to forget about it for the next couple of months, however after reading the Phoronix forums for the first time in a long time, I stumbled across a way of getting the Linux ...
Xcom Enemy Unknown2012-11-10
I pre-ordered XCOM only to find when it was released it was unplayable in Wine… It would constantly crash one it started loading a mission. I resigned myself for it to be another Kingdoms of Amalur (which wasn't working for the entire month I had it installed); this brought bug 31794; which is exactly ...
Ocd Texture Pack Update2012-10-31
So I've been working a bit more on the texture pack. And I decided to move over to the 1.4.2 layout (which should still be backward compatible to 1.2.5). Here's a couple of screenshots showing the new redstone items I've done:...
So I was on a bit of a hiatus for the last few weeks; not had much energy to post. Anyway, the news this time:...
In Other News2012-10-03
Well I haven't posted anything in a little while; but it's mainly because I've been playing Borderlands 2.
I accidentally the whole forums.
Borderlands 22012-09-24
I preordered Borderlands 2 about 3 hours before it was released on Steam and managed to get it working within about half an hour after it was released.
Minecraft Ocd Texture Pack2012-09-20
I've decided I'd start working on a new texture pack that will cover everything in Tekkit. I really like the style of Sphax, but that the same time I do have some kind of OCD about the fact things don't line up. So I am starting a texture pack for those like me.
Black Mesa2012-09-17
Not a lot to talk about today; though I got Black Mesa (Source remake of the original Half Life) working on Linux without much of a problem -- occasionally get a game lock up for a few seconds, and the odd crash on a loading point, but nothing serious.
Update On Tekkit And Linux2012-09-10
Just a really quick update; because it wasn't clear in my original post.
Minecraft Linux Fixes2012-09-07
So after my previous entry about the technic launcher, it looks like several people got there by looking for a fix for the white screen issue.
So I recently went back to the Newgrounds programming Forum and an interesting topic appeared; called FizzBuzz -- described as:...
More Bash Scripts2012-08-28
Well I'm back after my week of doing nothing (other than playing CS:GO and watching Farscape again).
Determine Sql Usage For Cpanel Accounts2012-08-17
_schema database was lacking in the more accurate sizes, so "stat" was used instead.
Php Random Image Display2012-08-15
Not much to report today; just counting down the days until I have a week off!
Java And Minecraft2012-08-13
Java, and therefore Minecraft, have a shitty habit of breaking (certainly consistently for me) with random things as non rendering textures, missing polygons and the dreaded "white screen of death" on Minecraft bootup.
Some Bash Scripts2012-08-02
So I'm really no expert in bash scripting, but I figured that it would be good to get a collection of all my useful code in one place. And the first round of scripts is my first set of actually usable ones that I ever wrote.
Forth Beginnings2012-08-01
Again with the blogging...